Artist Roberta Dunkel

​​Roberta Dunkel is a Missouri artist who is enthralled with the gifts of Mother Nature and the playfulness of children and animals. Roberta feels she has always been an artist; as a child, she would draw birds from life and from photos in the encyclopedia, as well as sketch her beloved cats and dogs. She turned her love of art into a career and received her Bachelor's Degree in Art Education from Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo. She has taught in several school districts in the area. Watching her students learn to create art and take pride in their work has been a great joy to her. Photography is also her hobby and is a useful tool in capturing an idea when a sketch book is not handy. These photos then serve as the bare bones for future paintings.

Her belief is that art comes from the heart and mind of each artist, and is from their experiences and excitement for life. She's able to share this joy through her art, while it hangs in collector's homes, whether it is the original painting, or a well done print of the painting. The creation of art is her life; whether it is in the privacy of her studio or working outside at an easel getting happily messy with her grandchildren. She is most complete when creating. 

​She has won many Best of Show, First Place, and Purchase Awards during her years as an artist. In 2001, she was the winner of the Award of Excellence in the Missouri Watercolor Society. Her art can be seen at the Capital Arts Gallery in Jefferson City and in the Columbia Art League Gallery in Columbia, MO. Her art is enjoyed in several private and corporate collections across the United States, including Hawaii.