​Larry is an oil, acrylic painter specializing in ​portraits and realistic wildlife.

Andy is a fused glass artist specializing in functional items

Leann​​ is an oil and acrylic painter specializing in surrealism and realistic landscapes

​Cheryl is an acrylic and oil painter & photographer  of landscapes, flowers, & wildlife

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Larry Carver

Janis Burgin

​Andrea Cleeton

​Leann Porello

Cheryl Schweitzer

Contact Info./Classes/Galleries

​573-893-6411 upadated listsing​ of classes

​November classes-11/3-Painting Mountains with Elk

​11/5-Painting Mountains with Elk

11/10-Do your own project

​Glass fusing-11/7, 2:00-5:00 or 6:00-9:00

​​Art Bazar 1502 East High St.; Classes at Village Art Studio

Ph: 573-230-3641


ph: 719-213-0466



ph: 573-694-5904