Artist Leann Porrello....

Art has grown with me my entire life. I have lived in Missouri for 5 year now, but I'm originally from Colorado Springs, CO. Art for me started with writing and poetry. At age 13, I was able to get one of my poems published and it was the start of a larger passion. I attended Pike's Peak Community College to get my Associate of Arts degree. For many years, it was just writing until I lived on my own. I was just a poor 18 year old living in my first apartment with no TV, internet, and nothing to do. To pass the time,  I went out and bought my first set of acrylic paints. I fell in love and though I wasn't very good, my friends and family loved getting my paintings. That drove me to do more.

​I moved to Missouri and my grandma convinced me to take an oil class with a wonderful teacher, Janis Burgin. From that first oil class I was hooked and was excited to see where visual art could take me. Four years later I have entered many art shows, and won two 1st place awards, 2 honorable mentions and my first Best of how in 2018 for a piece called "Playful Penguin", which is one of my favorites because it represents whimsy, happiness, playfulness, fantasy, and imagination. I want every piece of my artwork to make viewers feel something. Art is the last form of magic that exists.

in 2012, I started volunteering at Capital Arts and soon became the Executive Director's assistant. In 2016, I became Executive Director and have been an active member in the art community  by overseeing Capital Arts, joining the Jefferson City Art Club, and volunteering for many organizations. I have been an artist for 14 years.  I oversee the Capital Arts Gallery, develop cultural arts programs and community events, and I am a staff liaison to the Cultural Arts Commission.