​​​​​​​The Jefferson City Art Club (JCAC) has their own sponsored art shows, that utilize the Capital Arts Gallery in Jefferson City. In the fall of 2020, the JCAC and the Capital Arts Gallery began to plan and organize gallery art shows/exhibits for the fall of 2020 through the current date. This collaboration supports the JCAC mission that is “dedicated to the study and fostering of art appreciation in the community." The JCAC is entirely made up of working artists and art appreciators. Any and all work done to accomplish these art events are entirely due to the faithful and hard-working volunteers in our art membership, our executive and other committees, and in our community. We thank them for their tireless dedication and commitment to the arts. The Jefferson City Art Club is a not-for-profit organization and relies on membership dues and other donations to carry out it’s mission to the community. Your donation is appreciated and is tax deductible. 

Each of our sponsored art shows has it’s own special needs and purchases such as ribbons, professional judges, monetary prize awards, and receptions open to the public. 

The JCAC funds and organizes 2 school age art exhibits, the Ruth Hogan Art Show (elementary age) and the High School Sketch Day show. Not only do these 2 shows prove the JCAC commitment to their mission, but the student artists who enter the shows learn about showing their work to the public, gain recognition for their work, and gain self esteem from the experience. 

The other shows that the JCAC sponsors are the Adult Fine Art Exhibit (non-student), and the Professional Artist Exhibit. These competitive exhibits give artists a place to exhibit their art, gain recognition for their skills as an artist and have a gallery for art patrons to view the show. Both of these adult shows give many ribbons and monetary awards, and gives art patrons a place to view and purchase fine art by local and regional artists. See below for current and upcoming art events sponsored by the JCAC and Capital Arts Gallery....

(these dates only show opening and closing dates, not the artists' drop off and pick up dates)

JCAC Professional Artist Exhibit--September 30-November 6

Give the Gift of Art Exhibit and Sales Gallery--November 11-December 22

Literally Art Exhibit--January 6-February 12, 2022

Famous Fakes Exhibit--February 17-March 26, 2022

Ruth Hogan Children's Exhibit--March 31-April 9, 2022

Lincoln University Senior Artist Exhibit--April 14-April 23, 2022

High School Sketch Day & State Historical Society--April 28-May 7, 2022

JCAC Adult Fine Art Exhibit--May 12-June 18, 2022

Dreams Exhibit--June 23-Juy 23, 2022

Photography Exhibit--July 28-Sept. 10, 2022

Up Close & Personal--Sept. 15-Nov. 5, 2022

Give the Gift of Art/Tiny Art Gifting Show and Sales Gallery--Nov. 10-Dec. 23, 2022


Check back here to see if more shows have been added to the Capital Arts/Jefferson City Art Club exhibit schedule. They can also be found on the Capital Arts website at www.capitalarts.org

This page reflects the recent collaboration of Jefferson City Art Club and Capital Arts Gallery.

JCAC  & Capital Arts gallery