past Presidents roll


  The Jefferson City Art Club was organized in September of 1903 by Miss Ada       Oldham and several young ladies in Jefferson City Missouri who wished to share   with each other the joys of the art world. After attending the art museum at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis MO, they knew they wanted to share the joy of art

with their community back home.

  In the beginning, they met in the members homes and brought artists to Jefferson City from St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago to share their work with the

community. Over the past 111 yearsthe club has been stable in the Jefferson City art world.

                                                    Janet Maurer - Jefferson City Art Club Historian 10-31-14

1903-05  Miss Gertrude Ramsey (Mrs. ErnestDecker)       

1905-06  Miss Alta Elsner                                        

1906-15  Miss Matilda Dallmeyer (Mrs. Frank Sheldon)      

1916-17  Miss Isabelle Rader                                      

1917-18  Mrs. Platte

1918-21 *The Art Club did not meet during World War I until Sept.1921 

1921-22  Henrietta McMillian                                                   

1922-23  Miss Rayma Irwin (Mrs.Rayma I.Kinman)             

1925-27  Mrs. HaroldRagland,Sr                              

1927-28  Miss AliceBarrett                                    

1929-30  Mrs. CletusPope                                      

1930-32  Mrs.C.L.Bower                                       

1932-33  Mrs. CletusPope                                      

1933-35  Mrs. V.B.Seville                                     

1935-37  Mrs. R.W. Haight

1937-39  Mrs. Carl Bosch

1939-41  Mrs. Alexander Gow

1941-43  Miss Elsa Happy

1943-45  Mrs. Claude G. Bartlett

1945-47  Miss Alta Elsner

1947-50  Mrs. Henry Guhleman, Sr.

1950-52  Mrs. A.M. Hogan

1952-54  Mrs. Hoyt Craig

1954-56  Mrs. K.C. Jones

1956-58  Mrs. J.A. Campbell

1958-60  Mrs. Josee R. Powell

1960-62  Mrs. Robert G. Fredericks

1962-64  Mrs. Harry L. Griffin

1964-66  Mrs. W.R. Nunn

1966-68  Miss Ann L. Schweer

1968-70  Miss Catherine M. Hope

1970-72  Mrs. J.C. Alexander

1972-74  Mrs. Harry Kallenbach

1974-76  Mrs. David Brown (Mrs.Frank Fulkerson)

1976-77  Mrs. Steven Schlueter(Mrs. H.L. Gordon Jr.)

1977-78  Mrs. J.R. Kratochvil

1978-82  Mrs. Charles Huff (Mrs.James F. McCubbin)

1982-84  Mrs. Paul Gardner

1984-86  Mrs. L.H. Gurnee

1986-88  Mrs. Wm. Norton

1988-90  Mrs. Henry Guhleman

1990-92  Mrs. Janet Maurer

1992-94  Nancy Roberts

1994-95  Barbara Niekamp

1995-97  Lucy Sjoblom

1997-99  Ann DeRosier

1999-2001  Debbie Schellman

2001-2003  Lainie Martin

2003-2004  Janet Maurer

2004-2006  Janis Burgin

2006-2008  Cherly Schweitzer

2008-2010  Fred Schollmeyer

2010-2012  Diane Echols

2012-2014  Roberta Dunkel

2014-2016  Larry Carver