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The JCAC Website Featured Artist (6 week rotation) will be featured as the Featured Artist at the Missouri Department of Motor Vehicle & Driver Licensing Bureau. Artwork will be hung and may be for sale. Please email Cheryl Schweitzer at Cherylarti@aol.com. See the current schedule above. Please allow time ahead for photo editing, copyright additions, and biography. Jerry Ricker will be coordinating the removal and hanging of the art, contact Jerry at 573-645-4507. Do not call or contact the DMV for any information. District manager Garret Lott appreciates the art hanging in the DMV.

The information for each piece of art is listed as shown above, left to right

In Labor 16x20 Graphite $500

The View 20x16 Oil SOLD

Sister's Hare 20x16 graphite SOLD

Bright Eyes 11x14 graphite SOLD

Amelia 8x10 Oil SOLD

Circle of Life (my Dad) 16x20 graphite NFS

Lola 14x11 graphite SOLD

Iris Bud 12x16 oil SOLD

​Jewell 20x16 graphite SOLD

OCC (Osage County Cows) 8x8 oil SOLD

Poppies 16x20 oil SOLD

Boy at Dusk (my son) 28x38 graphite graphite NFS

Road of Life (plain air) 16x20 oil SOLD

Gray 18x24 graphite SOLD

Looking Back Again 24x36 oil $1250

The Dance 36x24 oil $1250

The Cabin 20x16 oil SOLD

Produce Manager of the Apple Orchard 24x12 oil $750

Partners in Crime (me & Nana) 16x20 NFS

Green Jeans 20x16 oil SOLD



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July 3-August 13

JCAC Featured Artist

​Renee Hackmann

Featured Artists must be JCAC members and will hang art

at the Department of Motor Vehicles 1617 Southridge Drive-Visit and see Renee's wonderful works!