Artist Cheryl Schweitzer

​Cheryl is a native Missouri painter and photographer, creating paintings from photographs she is drawn to. Those images create a favorite moment or ​place in time that evokes joy and peace. She paints places traveled, and some places imaginary. The paintings evoke serenity and peacefulness, celebrating life's simplicity and beauty. Her style is mostly traditional, sometimes with an edge of impressionism, and sometimes whimsy. She creates original acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings, loving each medium for their special characteristics and challenges. 

Cheryl thanks her artist mother, Betty Jean, for giving her the artistic gene, and for supporting all of her artistic endeavors. 

​"I see the circle of  artistic life as I meditate, call on the creative juices, and paint during this time. I think of my mother discovering her skills in mid-life, and my daughters, both artists in their own ways, which they have been from a very young age. They will carry that artistic calling through future generations, and I feel my mother would be happy about that. Seeing that process is extraordinary and makes me grateful every day for being an artist."

​Cheryl exhibits in Jefferson City at the Capital Arts Gallery, and hopes to begin her art career again, after retiring from state service for 13 years. The sky is the limit! The hand painted Christmas ornaments shown on the slide show are mostly sold, but can be ordered. They come from the many photos from her backyard feeders and dried flowers and berries, and are painted on glass ornaments or small square canvas panels. 

"Learn all you can, be it from other artists in classes or observing, books, or cds. One of my favorite places to learn is an art museum where one can wander, get lost in greatness, observe and absorb....then take that all back to the studio, pick up a brush and....create".

Cheryl Ann Buchanan Schweitzer

copyright 2018 Cheryl Schweitzer